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The Best of 2014

Last year was filled with loads of crafty DIY projects, thrifty picking, repurposed vintage, more house renovations… not to mention too many plans than can be accomplished and bigger dreams than we can afford. Isn’t that life? It is for us.

My husband and I share this hobby (more like a frenzy sometimes) to fearlessly tackle DIY projects both around the house and for retail. It’s not only time we share together, it’s our way of putting aside the stresses of the daily grind and really connecting to something we love – not just each other – but painting, building, crafting, making, picking, and the like. It’s our story and one that we share here with you.

I’m so thankful for all the comments we receive when we share one of our projects both here and on social media. It’s encouraging to share this frenzy with others who also enjoy it. We LOVE hearing from you!

But as I reflect on 2014, I think we are most grateful for all of the good people we’ve met at both the Haven Conference and the Hobnob Market. We stay in touch with many via social media. It’s a beautifully supportive and uplifting group of makers who share in the thrill and reward of making things for others, selling handcrafted goods, making our homes more beautiful one project at a time, and blogging/posting the details along the way. This network of people has been more rewarding and encouraging than we ever imagined.

Robb Restyle Best of 2014

So, let’s look back for a moment on three of our top viewed/shared posts of 2014.

3. A Charming Cape Cod for Sale

This post was my attempt to help a dear friend get the word out about her house. Her photography is amazing and her home boasts some of my most favorite old house details and charm. I’m happy to announce that she does have a sale pending – yay! And while I’m not excited that our distance will increase, she is restoring another old house beauty and I can’t wait to see her progress!

cape cod house

2. Vintage Soda Crate Repurpose

When I started looking back on our posts from last year, I admit that I was kind of surprised that this one was on top – but I’m thrilled! This project absolutely defines ‘repurpose’ by Robb Restyle. We have been storing these old soda crates for years. When Corey repurposed one of them into a food/water container for our lab Chief, it was an AHA moment! While I enjoy decorating with vintage items, my heart skips a beat when we can actually find a new use for something. Since our blog post, Corey made some minor design adjustments to our original model. As a result, we made and sold many more at the Hobnob Market. This is the only one we have left… hoping to list it on Etsy soon!


1. DIY Chevron Painted Stairs

It’s no surprise this post made it to the top. To date, it is probably my most favorite house project. The project was small but the transformation was huge. Chevron may not top the trends any longer, but it is still my favorite! I LOVE CHEVRON. I think I always will. I love that in black and white, it’s bold, yet neutral. We have just the right amount of stairs for this kind of pattern. And while it wasn’t easy, I get to cherish my handiwork every single day.

chevron painted stair treads

Based on these favorite posts, we have big plans to share even more in 2015!

#1 More DIY Projects Around the House.

Painting my living room as been on our project list for the last three years. I think we will FINALLY paint in 2015… yay! We also hope to finally finish our kitchen renovation. It’s empowering doing renovations yourself. But it also means you can only do a little at a time… this final phase will likely be the messiest – and the reason we haven’t jumped in yet. I’ve even considered applying to DIY Network’s Renovation Realities before we tackle it. The Mr. isn’t quite as excited about that venture… they kinda put it all out there… the good, the bad and the ugly! I think it would definitely be the motivation we need. Either way… this kitchen is getting done!

We installed a tile backsplash in part of our kitchen last year and we’re pretty proud of our first effort with tile! I can’t wait to share more pictures from our entire project.

kitchen tile backsplash by robb restyle

#2 More Repurposed and Crafty Projects.

We make a lot. But, we don’t always share what we make on the blog. I LOVE INSTAGRAM. It’s quick to update, it focuses on beautiful images, and it’s a lovely way to spend mindless minutes reviewing amazing images. I post all kinds of before, during and after pictures of our projects so please be sure to connect with us there. You’ll get the inside scoop on all the fun things we are working on. Making things is where Robb Restyle began and so in 2015 we’ll go back to our roots and share more of that here.

Here are a few of our favorites from 2014 that you may not have seen.







#3 More Old House Eye Candy.

You know we are obsessed with old houses around here. First of all we KNOW old houses – we own one. We live in a small community full of them. We consume them on realtor sites and apps. We seek them out in every city we visit. We read This Old House magazine like its the bible. Cover to cover. And, then I save every issue. I digest them over and over and over again.

So, why not share old house candy with you too. We will inspire you and charm you. We will celebrate all things architectural and vintage. Join us as we tour more old houses in 2015.

Here’s a summer pic of our home from a few years ago.


Cheers to a happy new year!


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