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Furniture Painting

For local clients only.

Do you have an old table or dresser that needs a makeover? If you are looking for a one of a kind furniture transformation with character send me an email with a picture and your desired outcome and I can give you a quote on the cost.

A 50% deposit is required at the time of scheduling. Since each item is hand painted, it may have natural imperfections due to the hand painting process and the age of vintage furniture.

The price varies depending on turn-around time, paint finish and size of the piece. Here is an example of some prices (does not include cost of supplies). Most projects take 2-4 weeks depending on my schedule. You are responsible for finding transportation for your furniture.

Dressers start at $300
Side tables start at $150
Chairs start at $80 (upholstery is an additional cost)
Bedframes start at $200
Mirrors start at $80
Desks start at $200

At this time we don’t have space to paint wardrobes or hutches.

Design Services (online and local)

Starts at $150 per room

Typically my room design services include suggested paint schemes, decor ideas and fabric options. First we will identify your style and goals for the space. This can be done with a proposed budget, photos and measurements, as well as a secret pinterest board with your favorite design inspirations. Then a personalized design board and shopping list is delivered, usually within a few weeks.

Email me directly to get started.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

I love to share my talents with others, outside of my blog and shop. I’m a seasoned marketing professional who’s crafty with words, savvy with technology and abundantly creative. Above all, I am an excellent judge of aesthetic who can help you compose meaningful online/print media with clear messages and compelling visuals.

My 16+ years marketing experience is well-rounded in advertising, copywriting, editing, graphic design, art direction and event planning. I’m a social media junkie who enjoys creating and adapting content for individual channels. I love to help brands synchronize their digital and print media presence, brainstorm tactics, organize messages, create new visuals and more.

I can help you create brochures from scratch, customize an existing social media presence, fashion a series of digital art for your website, or even develop a new logo for your brand. We can work together to elevate your business presence at a reasonable cost.

Contact me for more details. Costs are project-based.

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