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A Charming Cape Cod… For Sale!

Today I’m doing something a little different… I’m going to take you on a tour of another home in our little community – a charming cape cod home styled by my bestie. I spoke a little of her here in this post and you’ll catch a glimpse of her amazing creativity and home styling talent when you check out these pics of her home. She is also a photographer, so the photos are all her own.

Who doesn’t LOVE to browse homes for sale on apps like Trulia and Zillow? But seriously, I’m amazed at how many homes are photographed with A) stuff all over the place or B) dark or poor lighting. She and I both agree – if you want to sell your house you need to take good pictures. Your home also needs to be styled and clutter free (even if it means you stuff everything in a closet for the picture and bring it back out again when you’re done).
Anyhow, that’s not what you are going to see here… This house is both adorable and well-styled. She and I met in high school when she moved to our quaint little community from Texas. We were instantly fast friends. And, although she isn’t planning to move too far away, I love that she and I live just a few blocks from each other… all these years later!
NOTE: Even though the photos are from my friend, the following description is purely mine. I’m not her realtor, just someone who’s spent a good deal of time at this house… someone who saw what it looked like in the beginning and how fantastic it looks after she put more than a little sweat equity into it. If you live in an old home or are just curious about older houses, you’ll enjoy this little tour.

Curb Appeal

Seriously, it doesn’t get any cuter than this. The front yard is already beautifully landscaped. She and I have similar philosophies on landscaping… free is best! We are constantly exchanging plants and starts with each other. The outside of her home has a perfect blend of both established and modern shrubs plus a variety of blooms and seasonal color. In the back yard they recently added a stone patio – perfect for entertaining or in her case, hosting magazine-worthy kids birthday parties. Kiddos are free to run around the large and private yard, surrounded by a white vinyl fence. Huge trees provide plenty of shade in the summer.

Cooking & Dining

She recently painted her kitchen a cheery yellow, complimenting the original retro-chic black and white glass tile. I love how she paired it with red accessories. Next to the kitchen, the dining room is spacious enough to anchor a large farm table (the twin to my table). Like me, she chose red metal chairs. There’s even space to either side of the dining room to place a small buffet or butler’s table.
Not to point out the obvious, but just in case you were wondering why this door is painted black. She usually has creative chalk artwork celebrating the season. Very pin-worthy. Oh, and that pillow is a Robb Restyle original.

Living Space

Family life happens here. The living room is painted in a neutral but light-enhancing color. You can’t tell from these pictures, but the walls are lightly textured plaster – a timeless classic.

Sleeping Space

Like most cape cod style homes, the upstairs is made up of a large loft area. It’s a big enough space that two or more kiddos could room together or you could create a master suite for the adults in the house! She has even created an amazing bookcase for extra storage around the staircase. I love that she chose to paint the wood floors. Old homes usually have pine wood floors upstairs, so not something you would want to refinish with stain. The stripes are an excellent alternative to carpet.

Utility Space

The board and batten paneling in the the main bath is super chic. I did the same in my bathroom. It’s a modern upgrade that blends with the period of the house. Unlike a lot of older homes in our area, there’s an extra half-bath just off the mudroom in the back of the house.
Speaking of mudrooms, she has an adorable one… see if you can spot the Robb Restyle furnishings! She is one of my best customers. She has made good use of her mudroom space too – plenty of room for coats and book bags, a small dog cage, laundry and some wall storage. The windows lend some nice light and allow her to keep track of the kiddos in the backyard while she’s busy with laundry.

Man Cave

Yep, it’s got one of these… and even if you aren’t a Bears fan, you can totally appreciate the extra adult (or teenager) space for hangouts … or if you simply want to hide from the kids for a while.

Old House Charm

You could say I saved the best for last. These next little details are probably my most favorite. It’s why I chose to live in an older home. The character of retro hardware, glass door knobs, amazing woodwork, impeccable hardwood, arched plaster doorways and more makes this home a truly amazing beauty.
I’ve always wanted to do a post about my friend’s home. As you can see, her house is amazing and will make another family just as happy, I’m sure. She’s a DIYer like us. Together we have helped each other along the way with ideas, suggestions, decisions, and more (like a cup of coffee while we complain about our never-ending project lists). LOL. And while I’m sad she’s moving a little farther away from me, I’m so excited for her next adventure in renovation! {Wink, Wink} Maybe we can feature her next house on the blog, too…
Oh, and if you are interested in snagging this charming home, check out the official listing here. The price is unbelievable. Our little community is shrinking and so are the prices of houses.

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