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Vintage Valentine Bunting

It never fails. February weather in Indiana can be downright volatile and then sweetly pleasant. We are always tempted with spring by randomly warm days that pop up during the month. After a storm dumped 5 inches of snow Wednesday on top of the 8 inches already on the ground, it was 51 degrees on Saturday. But we’ll take it.

We took this opportunity to celebrate my husband’s birthday and visit some of our favorite antique shops. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I was inspired by a collection of vintage valentine card and postcards from the 1930s.


Sometimes the little sayings from the past can be quite hilarious.


After a little giggle, I decided that I could make a Valentine bunting decoration with these. All of them only cost between $1 and $2 each. Most of them were to a woman named Helen… how sweet that these were saved after all these years later.


I originally planned to use mini clothes pins to attach these to a string but I didn’t have any in my craft stash so I decided to use brads instead. Brads are perfect for all kinds of paper crafts so I try to keep a variety in supply.


Brads require something more substantial to fasten them to, so I chose some white ribbon.


Here’s a close up of the brads. I used two on the rectangle valentines and just one on the heart shapes.


Paper crafts are a walk in the park! I love whipping up something that adds new purpose to treasures from the past… and these Valentines are adorable!


My mom and I made a little furniture exchange last month so I have this beautiful dresser on loan from her and she has a vintage green dresser from me. We both agreed not to alter the finish on either piece. The curved drawers on this dresser are amazing. Although I prefer painted pieces, I can also appreciate antique oak furniture… and since my woodwork isn’t painted, it is a good match in my living room.


We recently acquired some red and green vintage treasures that complimented this Valentine bunting perfectly. Of course, I am always adding vintage fans to my collection and this one couldn’t be passed up. The red, cream and green colors made it a unique addition.


My new obsession lately is vintage thermoses and coolers. They are easy to incorporate into my little vignettes and I can’t get enough of the retro colors and patterns.


And the Mr.’s newest obsession? Old trophies. He acquired this one around Christmas. Remember the one we purchased at the Hobnob Market? It was the beginning of an obsession. This one is from a 1933 Catholic volleyball tournament. We are using it as a winter vase but I have plans to use it in my kitchen someday to hold my wooden spoons.


While this vignette of reds and greens would also work at Christmas, I think shades of mint green remind me more of spring. Or, maybe that’s just wishful thinking after a few days of warmer weather.





I hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with hearts and chocolate!

Kristy Robb


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