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Hobnob Market

Ever since our very first holiday market in our tiny town, Corey and I have been hooked on the WHOLE experience of creating a temporary shop to sell our handmade and repurposed goods. There’s an amazing rush every time someone wants to purchase something we created. Every. Single. Time.


Our unwritten Robb Restyle philosophy is pretty much, “would I put this in my house?” And, really, that’s where much of our inspiration comes. If we like it, we make it.

Don’t get me wrong… this whole selling your creative goods is VERY intimidating. Like any artist, we question ourselves and our projects. Is it good enough? Would someone pay for this? Is it too off the wall? Will people get it? Will someone like this color?

So, to answer that question. We make a lot of stuff. Like tons. We can’t stop ourselves.  I love our display, but it’s always a challenge to find a place for everything. There isn’t much room for holiday pretties, but we manage ok. (I’m going to show you some really spectacular and inspiring displays later in this post.)

Here are a few close-ups of the Robb Restyle goods…

We like finding new purpose for old things. Yard sticks become table tops, trees, or coat hangers … doors become chalkboards… maps are mod podged… buckets make new homes for holiday trees… you get the point. We’re just practical that way. [can I get a slow clap??]

Corey built this amazing counter for the market. We needed a table that helped keep us organized, take payments and host our sacks, etc. I love how he was able to use all reclaimed goods to build it. If we made anything that defined our style, this bar/counter hits the nail on the head!

Of course, everything is for sale (according to the Mister). However, this counter had an insulting price tag associated with it – only because we hoped to keep it. And keep it we did! I only wish we had a decent place in our house to use it as a cocktail bar. It was so fun to decorate this little space too!

For more details on how we created our display, check out this post.

Top 3 Reasons to Attend the Hobnob Market

Ok, so maybe you missed the Holiday Hobnob Market or it’s too far away to make the trip. Seriously though, there were shoppers from Pennsylvania to South Dakota! Anyway, this is a top-notch holiday market. And I’m here to tell you why…

  • The. Displays. Are. Amazing. Just to be clear… Ah-Mazing! I have never attended or participated in another market that challenges us more to create seriously drool-worthy displays with our goods because my fellow vendors in attendance will be so spectacular and inspiring! The unique winter wonderland of goods created by these vendors really sets this market apart.
  • The people. From Scott and Holly (who dreamed up this unique market) to all of the vendors – it completely enriches this market. The attention to detail is clear from the moment you step through the doors and enter the market. (side note: When we first started selling our goods, we never expected to meet so many kindred spirits and new friends. Everyone is encouraging, sharing and overall our favorite part about participating in this event.)
  • Not your grandmother’s antique show. That’s how Holly defines this market and I think it speaks volumes. The vendors are a unique group of like-minded souls who appreciate, collect, make and relish all things old, vintage, crafty and more. There is such an amazing collection of old and handmade goods that you won’t find at any market.

So, in other words, save the date for next year: November 20 & 21, 2015

And, stop by her website to save the dates for the Spring and Fall Hobnob Markets too!

Another special fun fact… when you enter any Hobnob Market (spring, fall or holiday), you are always greeted by a cleverly curated display of vintage and handmade goods. It sets the tone of the event and makes a great photo backdrop too!

Corey and I made a deal for that Dept. 15 sign… it now hangs in my living room.

The attention to detail is so realistic. It makes me long for another era.

Oh, and we made a deal for the trophy cup too. Also in my living room.

Other Hobnob Holiday Displays

And, now a small sampling of some of our favorite shop displays…

I love the price tags on the thermos above… the handwriting is spot on.

Like I said, this is just a small sampling. There are so many more I didn’t have time to photograph. But if you’re interested in more pics of the events, check out this flicker album.

I hope you’ve been able to experience a little of the Holiday Hobnob Market through our eyes. And, you plan to see it for yourself someday.


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