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The #1 Reason You Hate Painting

I’m going to go out on a limb here and address the #1 reason you hate painting. First, let’s assume that you love a fresh coat of paint on your walls and how it transforms your room. You also appreciate how paint can switch up an old piece of furniture and make it fit into whatever decor style you choose. Still with me? Ok.

But… (and this is a big one)… the thought of actually getting a brush out and painting makes you feel a little hostile, maybe even a bit fearful and just plain immobile – anchored to the ‘after’ photos on Pinterest where the work is already done in that dreamy paint color you’ve been admiring. Yes?


So let’s talk. Paint is one of the least expensive but most dramatic ways you can change a room, a dresser, a flea market find, or whatever. But for whatever reason we put it off. We procrastinate. We try to ignore it.

I know this, because even as a DIYer myself, it’s been 13 years since we painted our living room. 13 whole years. Before we had kids. Before we had a blog. Before we had more sophisticated design plans. Before the cooler white and grays trend. Yep, we’re all taupe up in here. Khaki, dark, boring taupe. Early 2000’s taupe. But that’s about to change. 2016 will be the year we repaint the living room. It will.

better paint starts with a better brush

My husband believes the #1 reason why people hate painting is because they are using a crappy paint brush. See, he’s the DIY king of our palace (married to the queen, of course) and he knows a thing or two about painting. He used to work on a professional paint crew during the summers from high school until he finished college. So I asked him to weigh in on this topic. (psst… he actually prefers to be behind the scenes of the blog, except when using power tools as seen here and here)

Here’s my chat with Corey:

Using a quality paint brush will make painting a more enjoyable experience.” – Corey Robb

Me: So, where do we start?

Corey: Whenever I have had a discussion with someone who says they absolutely hate painting, I have found that they have been using cheap paint brushes. Everyone’s gone into the home improvement store and seen the 3 pack of brushes with plastic handles for like $3.99. There isn’t a single professional painter that buys that pack of brushes… anytime for anything. They just don’t. They always purchase the quality brush. In my opinion a good brush is an investment in your project. And (if properly cleaned) can be used for years and years. I still have brushes in my workshop that I bought when we purchased this house over 13 years ago.

Me: Really? You have brushes that old? Show me.


This Purdy brush has painted a lot of rooms and furniture over the years!

Corey: The reason this brush is still around is because of the quality. A quality paint brush is easier to use and will make your job go faster and look just as good as a professional painter. I could not have cut in (aka use a brush to paint areas that are too tight for rollers) around the ceilings in our house without a really good brush. It would be so frustrating and stressful with a crappy brush because you’ll never be able to create a true straight line.

Me: Oh yea. (winking) I’m too short to paint the ceilings. And you are so much better at it.

Corey: (Laughing) I don’t remember you ever offering to paint a ceiling. I should also mention that I prefer an angled brush for most of my paint projects. Good brushes will always give you a better coverage, but the angle will also help you control the amount of paint on your brush. Plus, I think that a rigid, solid wood handle is easier to paint with when compared to a flimsy plastic handle.

Me: Anything else we should know?

Corey: Don’t buy a cheap brush because you think it’s just a small project. Good brushes should be used for everything from walls and trim to furniture and cabinets. Get used to the feel of a quality brush in your hand and you’ll never buy that pack of cheap brushes again. You’ll be less frustrated and enjoy painting a lot more. Oh, and it matters how you clean a brush – that’s important to keeping your nice brushes nice for a long time. I have a lot to say about that topic, as you already know.

Me: Yep, that’s why I let you clean my brushes when I’m done.

I hope this little chat eases your feelings about painting. A better brush really will make your painting experience better. Pinky Promise!!


We love Purdy brushes and have been using them for a long time (note the picture above). This little brush is older than my firstborn child.

Since we were already fans, Purdy sent us some of their new Nylox brushes to try (shown below). These brushes provide a super-smooth finish and are ideal for use with latex paints, providing a flawless finish for any interior projects. We even used them with some of our favorite chalk paints and they worked fantastic! The smooth bristles were really easy to clean too.

Purdy makes great quality brushes that are both reliable and sturdy. Purdy brushes will be around for a long time – especially when taken care of. Stay tuned for a future post where Corey shows us the proper way to clean a paint brush so you can keep using it for years.

We’ll also be using Purdy rollers like this and this to paint our living room ceiling and walls sometime this winter and I cannot wait!!

Oh, and if there are other reasons you hate to paint, share them with us – maybe we can help! Let’s tackle our DIY projects in 2016 together!

Happy new year and thanks for stopping by!

Kristy Robb



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