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Best of 2017

Happy New Year!

Sometimes January can feel a little overwhelming around here. How about you? In a lot of ways it’s a fresh start but that also means I am super eager to tackle ALL THE THINGS. All at once. Whew… where do I begin?

Any motivation I had remaining in 2017 left me like a rocket about mid-December. I started eating a little more indulgent, scrapped the exercise plan, and well, just enjoyed the holiday season. Plus, these last few weeks have been some of the coldest and snowiest in recent memory. 

However my motivation returned fiercely with the new year. And while I’m not very good at keeping resolutions, I still like to set some goals. Remember last year? I can’t say I held true to those goals all year long, but they were always there to guide me.

So, before I lay out my plans for 2018 I decided to look back at some of my top blog posts from 2017. I don’t do this every year but it always feels good to remind me what we accomplished and of course, what you (my readers and pinterest followers) were most interested in (based on page views). 

Top 2017 Posts

Creative Ways to Use Vintage Boxes in Your Home Decor

This happens to be one of MY favorite posts too. It actually evolved because I took too many photos for this kitchen organization post. When I was editing photos, I realized just how many boxes we used around the house for organization and home decor. Sometimes seeing things through a lens, gives you another perspective.

Ways to use Vintage Boxes Home Decor

And because we’re obsessed with all kinds of old boxes, I could probably come up with another round of ways to use them in your home decor for 2018. Who’s with me???

We really can’t help ourselves. But, when you find ways to repurpose what you collect… you feel less guilty about bringing another one home!

Home Tours

This year I collaborated with several talented bloggers to share our space at different seasons during the year. And, you approved! My #seasonalsimplicity home tours were a four-way tie for my most viewed posts.

In years past, I’ve only shared tours at fall and Christmas. Admittedly, it kept me on my toes but I enjoyed adding simple seasonal touches to our home and then sharing them with you multiple times through the year.

This is one of my favorite vignettes from my Spring home tour. I’ll be getting my faux succulents out again soon!

Simple Spring Touches Home Tour

How to easily update your ugly drop ceiling
Oh, I love that this post was at the very TOP – my #1 viewed post of 2017! I waited YEARS to make this ceiling change… and it proved well worth the wait.

How to easily update your ugly tile ceiling

The ease at which we were able to replace our ceiling tiles even surprised us. And the impact is HUGE! This is definitely one for the DIY playbook.

How to Update your Ugly ceiling

So there you have it.

I’m so excited to see what 2018 has in store. And, I want to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. That anyone ever views anything I put here on this little blog of mine is always a delight to me and never gets old. I can’t wait to share more fun DIY projects and home decor ideas with you.

Plus, I plan to jump on a Facebook Live session once a week to share a room tour, take questions, or make a craft project so stay tuned and be sure to like my Facebook page!

Kristy Robb

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