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A Cozy Backyard Tour

It’s that time of year again. The bookbags are stuffed full of new glue sticks and sharpened pencils. It’s also when I start to relish in the memories of summer… wondering just where the time went.

It seems like forever ago, but earlier this summer we shared a little patriotic project with you here. The little celebration was hosted in my parent’s backyard so I snapped a few extra pics while I had my camera out and thought they were worth sharing.


My mom doesn’t know I’m doing this. She’d likely respond that her yard isn’t that special. But I think it’s pretty awesome. My parents were my first DIY mentors and I’ve also marveled at their ability to create a cozy backyard setting. Their backyard always has lush grass, pretty shrubs and lots of flowering plants. I also adore all the clever containers my mom uses for her plants.

This is the house that I grew up in. It’s just a few blocks from mine and has been transformed, renovated and restyled by my parents over the years.The house is early 19th century and was built by the founder of our little town. My parents have worked hard to restyle this house into something special. And, I’m thankful that their appreciation for old houses rubbed off on me.

Here’s a little tour of their backyard from earlier this summer.



You know how much I love that blue! My mom’s new seat cushions were the perfect accessory to a patriotic celebration!


They added this fence border years ago. It’s a great way to add some privacy and divide the large side yard from the patio space. They are hoping to add a pergola next summer. Isn’t that patio sign adorable? Like me, she also has a thing for minnow buckets.



When the grandkids were little, they carved their own path from the patio to the yard (and through the plants)… since then, my parents added stepping stones to make it official. 😉



Spray painting this little windmill gold looks so adorable!


My sister and brother and I purchased this Japanese maple tree for my dad so many years ago as a father’s day gift. It was so, so tiny – as that was the size we could afford. I love that it has matured and grown into a beautiful part of their patio landscape.


More gold spray painted accents!


Isn’t this a clever way to light your patio? I think they found this at an Indianapolis flea market last summer. They just added the ball jars with some sand and candles for a little festive lighting.


I know that we have plenty of warm summer nights ahead of us still, but it’s just not the same when school is back in session… Cheers to a little more summer!

Kristy Robb

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    Love it!! I know that when I visit my favorite brother and sister-in-law (and nieces and nephews) the patio is the place to be! I enjoyed it this past June before I had to return to Texas and the 100 degree heat. I have always loved their backyard, it is always beautiful. Your pictures are beautiful too, you are quite the photographer!

    • 2

      Aw, thanks Aunt Pat! It is the place to be… Especially with a cocktail or two!! We LOVE when you come and visit too! Miss you lots!

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