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Summer Memories in Print

Anyone else find it hard to actually get your pictures printed… like on that heavier glossy paper we used to call photographs? Seriously.

I’m not one for missing a good shot. Just ask my kids who cringe when I reach for my phone or grab my DSLR as we head out the door. Thankfully I’m fast and can usually get the shot before the whining begins. Ha!

Every new year I make the same resolution…

This year I’m going to print out a bunch of photos for everyone to see.

And the years pass by while my photos remain trapped inside my computer.

It reminds me of the portraits in Harry Potter that moved around and could talk to people. I imagine photos of my little boys giggling behind the computer screen, whispering to each other that it will likely be someone’s high school graduation before they see the light of day on an actual photograph.

Until now.
Thanks to Minted.

As kids, our favorite vacation spot was this little lake in Wisconsin (I mentioned our most recent trip here). In the last few years my parents have continued the tradition by taking our entire family to this same lake. And if you ask my kids, they also believe it’s one of the best places on earth. The ABSOLUTE best. Crystal Lake is our little piece of heaven.

The first time we visited the lake with our kiddos was Labor Day weekend a few years ago and I took over 700 pictures. Yup. More than 700 photos. Do ya think any of them got printed? Well, actually my mom used one as her Christmas card, so that kinda counts, right?!?


This summer I didn’t take nearly as many but I still had a camera full… Plus, a few summers ago we made a family trek out west to Mount Rushmore (Corey’s favorite vacation in the history of ever) and of course those photos were stuck in digital land as well.

This Old House Entryway

And then Minted entered my life. Minted is a design marketplace that connects you with independent artists to create something one-of-a-kind. You can find really cool artwork, photo collages, cards and more!

Their custom photography prints are AMAZING. There are so many creative photo displays to choose from. Their collection turns your photographs into ART, printed on museum-quality paper in a wide array of sizes and framing options.

I chose one of their artist designs that showcased multiple photos to create a unique collection of our favorite memories in Wisconsin and South Dakota. I think it’s fun that each print is themed by the state we visited and captures more than one memory.

minted photography art


Info about the artist who created this design was also included with the prints… I love her bio and think that we would be great friends! We are both Midwestern girls who love the texture of an old barn! It’s no wonder I chose her design!


Minted had so many choices for framing and this whitewashed herringbone pattern is absolutely my favorite!


We decided to display our Minted photo art in the upstairs hallway. It’s a high-traffic area since our bedrooms and the upstairs bathroom all convene right in this little space (note the white doors).

Here’s a little glimpse around the room.


We love maps and this retro Indiana map is no exception. I love all the retro colors. Plus, it makes great reading material while you are waiting to use the bathroom (yep, that’s the bathroom door next to the map). I am definitely going back to Minted for one of their map prints soon!



Isn’t this built-in amazing! 100+ years old and still in great shape.


old house staircase runner rug

This is my new favorite way to view our summer memories! I may get around to yearbooks someday but I think this is a prettier way to share the highlights of our vacation and will always remind us of our summer memories together.






Kristy Robb


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