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No Longer Sleepless in Indiana

How can it be that this young couple is about to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary in October? It just doesn’t seem possible. 15 years. 2 apartments. 1 house. 2 boys. 1 cat. 1 dog. And the best years of our lives. Cheers to 50 more!

Yoga Bed Mattress Review by Robb Restyle

But alas, I have a bedroom confession to make…

Yoga Bed Mattress Review by Robb RestyleUntil last month, we had been sleeping (poorly, I might add) on the same mattress. The same spring-style mattress that the young couple above purchased with some wedding money shortly after their big day. We were living in a tiny apartment so we chose a queen instead of the king-sized bed we really wanted.

Our mattress was 15 years old. Don’t judge me.

Well, ok, judge me a little. We were well past the window of keeping a mattress… and it felt like it. Our sleep was mediocre at best these last few years. We kept telling ourselves that we weren’t getting another bed unless it was a king.

But that day we moved into our house so many years ago kept replaying in our minds. We had to maneuver a queen mattress and box spring around this tight corner and upstairs to our bedroom.

Yoga Bed Mattress Review by Robb Restyle

And this is how we remember it… pivot, pivot, PIVOT!

Yoga Bed Mattress Review by Robb Restyle

We actually had to remove some of the trim around the staircase to squeeze it past the door frame. We thought the only way we would be able to have a king bed in our future was to have two twin beds side-by-side.

Until we met the folks at Yoga Bed this summer. Their memory foam mattress felt like a cloud – soft yet firm. It came with two memory foam pillows. And, best of all, it all fit snug into a box we could carry up the stairs. And, to top it all off, I won a free set of sheets at the Haven Conference! All signs were pointing to us getting a new bed… finally!


Our bed arrived early in August. We purchased a new upholstered platform bed for our new mattress. We wanted a little height with our bed so we had two old twin box springs in the attic that we added to the base.

*Note: Yoga Bed gave us a discount for purchasing a mattress and sharing our experience. As always, all opinions are ours and we only share products we really, really love.*

Yoga Mattress Review by Robb Restyle

The mattress and pillows from Yoga Bed arrived wrapped up tight and conveniently in a box (via free shipping, by the way). Once we opened the packaging and removed the plastic, our bed opened and expanded in a matter of minutes. It was glorious. Getting a mattress to our home, let alone into our upstairs bedroom had never been easier.

Yoga Mattress Review by Robb Restyle

The cover is zip around and removes easily for washing – definitely a plus for a bed that sometimes also includes a child with a bad dream and a labrador retriever…

Ok, but what you really want to know is how does it sleep. At first, it was a little like sleeping on a hotel bed. It wasn’t what we were used to. But after about 1 week, we were sleeping better than we had in years. I’m not exaggerating. We’ve never slept better together. Seriously.

With our old traditional spring mattress, I always felt like I was rolling into the middle toward my husband – who’s 6’3″ to boot. If either of us were restless, the other person felt every movement. With our new Yoga Bed mattress, there have been times where I reach over to see if he’s still there because I don’t feel him move around. Not at all. It’s crazy how still (and soundless) this mattress is. We are sleeping so soundly.

Yoga Bed Review by Robb Restyle

The mattress came with two free pillows that are made of the same luxurious memory foam. We both are side sleepers with multiple pillows, but this one is always in the mix. I’ve purchased memory foam pillows before but never been happy with them because they were too firm. This one has lots of flexibility and softness.

So, this could be coincidence… but I think not. My husband snores. A lot. Since we’ve been sleeping on this mattress I rarely hear him snoring. This could mean one of two things – he is snoring less and sleeping better or I’m sleeping so much better that I don’t hear him snore – either way it doesn’t matter to me! Sometimes you don’t know how bad you were sleeping until you sleep really, really well.

Yoga Bed Review by Robb Restyle

And let’s be real here… the size difference between a queen and king is only about 18 inches – but we feel like we’re in a different zip code. And that’s okay with us!

The sheets I won from Yoga Bed are also amazing – super soft and a perfect fit. The top sheet is extra wide so there’s no tug of war in the middle of a cold night. I can be a blanket/sheet hog.

I created new bedside tables here. We also purchased new bedding (with adorable little pom poms)… but before this mattress our bedroom was largely neglected. There’s always another room that trumps what DIY projects you do in your bedroom – because really, who else sees it? But when you think of the amount of time spent in here – we shouldn’t feel guilty for giving it a little attention every now and then.

Yoga Bed Review by Robb Restyle

And if you’re still sleeping on a really old mattress – for whatever the reason – don’t put it off any longer. Your quality of sleep is worth so much more. Yoga Bed is offering $60 off with the SAVE60 promo code! 

I saw this quote once and it made so much sense. I’m already good at investing in shoes… and now our bed is finally up to par, too!

Yoga Bed Review by Robb Restyle

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below or email me directly and be sure to visit the Yoga Bed site for more details. And tell me… what’s keeping you from getting a new mattress?

Kristy Robb



Yoga Bed Review by Robb Restyle

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