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Design Ideas: Vintage Camping Bedroom for Boys

A few years ago I sent my two boys to a sleep-away summer camp. I was a girl scout myself and LOVED spending a week away at summer camp. Camp helps build confidence and character. I wanted my kids to experience that same joy of spending a week outdoors.

We waited until our youngest was old enough so they could attend at the same time. I wanted them to have each other there even though they would be in different cabins – hoping the oldest might comfort the youngest.

As it turned out, my little guy absolutely loved camp and had the most amazing experience… however my older guy was more than a little homesick – the ENTIRE week. In fact, I had to leave him in tears and just walk away from the cabin when we dropped him off – assuring him that this will be an unforgettable experience. One of my toughest ‘mom moments’ to date.

And I’m guessing it was unforgettable for him!?! Whoops. Not what I had in mind.

The camp posts candid photos during the week so you can check in on your little ones. This photo melted my heart. I knew it was going to be hard for the oldest when we left him but this picture reassured me that they had each other.

vintage camping bedroom

And yet my oldest child survived summer camp. We even occasionally hear him mention a good memory or two from his experience, so it wasn’t all bad. But that guy is never going back… and that’s ok. 😉

Vintage Camping Bedroom Color Palette

Back to my little guy who loves camp so much that we decided to make over his bedroom in a vintage-inspired camping room. I am super excited about this DIY makeover we have planned for our spring break in March.

The last time we renovated his room, it was to change it from a neutral nursery to a boys bedroom. I made all the decisions. This time around, I’m enjoying working together with my kiddos to restyle their rooms. My little guy is also a vintage-loving picker (imagine that) so we will definitely be incorporating some vintage camp finds into this design.

Since camping is so on-trend right now it was easy to find inspiration. The hard part was trying to narrow it down. Here is our color inspiration. The only color he insisted on was orange, so we added that to our color palette.

Vintage Camping Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

His room already has a nice chair rail around the center of the walls, so using that as our guide, we’ll paint the top walls  this inky Charcoal Blue and the bottom walls this creamy Marshmallow color. We will incorporate the green and orange colors into furniture and accents.

We already have this amazing antique bed that I painted green, so I promised my guy that if we kept the bed, I would get him a tent for his room. He had found some really cool tent-like beds on Pinterest that he wanted us to make, but we just weren’t sure they would fit in his room (or grow with him). Thus, we compromised with a tent.

Vintage Camping Bedroom Accents

There are so many amazing woodland and camping themed items to choose from – these are just a few of our favorites! By the way, the high school mascot where Corey is the principal happens to be a bison so we had to incorporate that somewhere, right?

Vintage Camping Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

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1. Green Barn Light / 2. Happy Camper Pennant / 3. White Bison Head / 4. Striped Tent / 5. Crate Storage / 6. Lantern / 7. Campfire / 8. Stump Table / 9. Fox Pillow / 10. Blue Chair / 11. Green Rug / 12. Camp Blanket / 13. Plank Ceiling

Vintage Camping Bedroom Ceiling Project

Our old house has drop ceilings in some of the bedrooms. We painted them in the last makeover but this time around we are going to try something more creative. To make his bedroom feel more like an old cabin, we are going to plank the ceiling for a little rustic charm. This is our first planking project and if all goes well, we may apply it to the rest of our ceilings!

This is going to be fun and we are really looking forward to getting started. But I’m curious… what do you think? What do you like and what would you do differently? Have you seen some unique camping items that are a must-have for this space? Leave your comments below!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be sharing our process as we go so stay tuned for more! (UPDATE – his room is finally finished – see it here!)

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Vintage Camping Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

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