Vintage Style Sconces for a Small Bathroom

See how adding aged brass accents inspired by new vintage style sconces gave this small bathroom a new and glam look.

A few years ago I shared some vintage styling ideas in this small bathroom. And today, I’m sharing a mini bathroom refresh with new vintage-inspired wall sconces and ceiling light.

This post and the lights are sponsored by Lights.com, but all opinions, ideas and decorating inspo are from me.

If you asked my husband, he might tell you that I am always changing my mind and constantly redecorating my spaces. But that’s not quite true. Sometimes, I am just updating one teeny-tiny detail and then I like to style around that little detail.

Call it a hobby (or an obsession). But restyling my spaces brings me joy!

This is one of those instances… minor refreshes can breathe new life into tired spaces, making them feel fresh and new again with a few simple changes.

Small Bathroom Brass Wall Sconce

Aged Brass Vintage Style Sconce and Ceiling Light

And for this project, we needed new bathroom lighting. However, sometimes you want the look of vintage lighting without all the hassles of rewiring… and then I found these gems!

I loved the shape of these lights from Lights.com. This wall sconce had that vintage theater vibe (and those who know me personally, know how near and dear to my heart vintage theaters are)!

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Aged Brass Harper Light Bathroom Sconce


Harper Cylinder Glass Rod Wall Sconce, Aged Brass

Aged Brass Flush Mount LIght

Finn 12″ Square Glass Flush Mount, Aged Brass

The old sconces pointed all the light downward. And while I loved the style, my husband didn’t love putting in contacts without proper lighting.

These Harper Cylinder Glass Rod Wall Sconces give a lovely ambient glow to the entire bathroom.

Small Bathroom Wall Sconce Refresh

This is an old back porch that had a bathroom added to it in the 80s, we think. We’ve made the space work for us, but it’s mostly a boy bathroom. So the decor needed to stay a bit masculine, but still have a little glam to go with my new wall sconces.

Adding Brass Accents

In order to make these aged brass sconces work into my existing bathroom style, I need to also incorporate additional brass accents. So, here’s what I added.

Vintage Brass Wall Sconce Bathroom

DIY Shower Curtain Track with Ball Chain

One of my favorite updates was replacing the bar shower curtain rod with this ceiling track and antique brass ball chain. It’s a stall shower, so we always had to find a super short towel bar and it always seemed to look a bit messy with the subway tile – not to mention the times it lost its suction and fell off.

bathroom shower bar

So, I followed this tutorial by the Hunted Interior – and let me tell you, it was one of the easiest DIY projects. It looks way more chic than the old towel bar ever did.

small blue white bathroom

Plus, I love how smooth the track opens and closes. I think I will do this in my upstairs bathroom eventually too. It was SO EASY!

Note, I probably need to spray paint the little hooks so they are antique brass too, but that will happen later. And, if I could go back in time and tell that young couple to go ahead and tile to the ceiling I would. πŸ˜‰Β 

ball chain shower curtain ceiling track

Get This Look

Ceiling Track | Extra Roller Balls | Antique Brass Ball Chain x2 | Shower Curtain

Brass Hooks

The next little brass addition was to replace our old wood pegs at the top of the beadboard with these adorable rustic brass coat hooks. They are only about a dollar each – so cheap! Eventually I am going to add these to my kitchen too.

brass hooks bathroom

aged brass hooks bathroom

Antique Brass Coat Hooks

More Brass Decor

Next, I just walked around the house and looked for anything that was brass and could be repurposed in my bathroom. This is a tactic I use often when restyling a room – you’d be amazed at how different the same object can feel in a new room or different vignette.

So, although I crave change, I often reuse what I already have. Like that lamp below. I thought it might be kinda fun to add another lamp in here with ample brass. It adds a “homey” feel to the little side table by the sink.

Aged Brass Bathroom Wall Sconce

And, here’s a look at the Finn 12″ Square Glass Flush Mount light. The bathroom is so small, it’s really hard to capture it in the photos… but here’s what I love about it!

First, it’s a 100 watt LED that we’ll never have to worry about changing. And second, there is a lovely water-like curved glass diffuser over the bulb so it isn’t blinding for this tiny space. Just the right amount of light.

aged brass lights in bathroom

Here’s one last look at my refreshed bathroom space inspired by these vintage sconces.

We have plans to make more major updates to this bathroom that involve plumbing repairs ($$$) in the future – so we only wanted to make some minor updates until it’s time to tackle that project.

Small Bathroom Wall Sconce Refresh

Anyone else out there love to make tiny changes to your spaces or when you make one minor change, you like to restyle around that detail? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

Make sure you head over to Lights.com to see their lovely selection of lights. And, take 10% off your entire order (valid through 12/31/2020) with this code: ROBB10

Thanks for stopping by!

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