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Scrappy Fall Wreath

fall wreath

Nothing screams fall more than a good ol’ wreath project. Now that my entryway had been rearranged (after painting my front door yellow), I was ready to start decorating for fall. And, frankly, I was bored last Friday night. Sometimes my best projects are unplanned.

My kids love decorating the house for fall, so they were thrilled to see me bring the fall decor tote down from the attic. We sorted through some of the decorations, setting out little pumpkins, spiders and other crafty fall decor we’ve collected over the years. But, I didn’t have any fall wreaths for my newly-accented gold chevron mirror.
gold chevron vintage mirror
I do, however, have lots of crafty scraps… and thus inspired a quick fall wreath project.
Of course, I always have a scrap of chevron fabric leftover. Combine that with my new favorite – arrows made from vintage yard sticks – and you have the makings of a wreath. BTW, I always have a wreath form in my craft supply. You never know when the mood will strike you.
vintage fall wreath
So, there’s really not much to this wreath. Scrappy leftovers and glitter.
  • I cut my fabric into 2 inch wide stripes and wrapped them around, overlapping, then pinned them in place.
  • I cut a little black fabric into flags and strung it with baker’s twine.
  • This metal trick or treat sign has been in our tote for years but we never found a good place to hang it, so I removed the wire and strung it with ribbon on the wreath.
  • I added a little gold glitter to the arrow.
  • Finally I grabbed some small sticks from the yard and sprayed them with gold glitter spray paint and tied them with twine.

Pair all this with a hot glue gun… and boom. This wreath cost me nothing to make. Never underestimate your power to create mismatched leftovers into something festive and fun!

fall wreath with arrow
arrow on fall wreath
fall decor with vintage door knob pumpkin
Stay tuned. I will be sharing my faux painted pumpkins with vintage door knob stems and map leaves very soon. Happy fall!
vintage door knob pumpkin with map leaves

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