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DIY Painted Faux Pumpkins with Vintage Door Knobs

I don’t know what it is about vintage door knobs, but we love them here at Robb Restyle.

We like to think of them as an architectural fingerprint – sometimes just as unique as the home they were used in – but also sometimes an element long forgotten or taken for granted. We find them in all shapes and sizes and colors – and so much unlike the knobs of doors used in more recent homes. Our workshop has bins of them, collected over many, many years.

When we are missing a match for a doorknob style, we love to find alternative DIY projects where we can repurpose them, like using them for a coat rack.

This is just one of our favorite ways to use them. When you pair it with some old barnwood it turns into classic chic farmhouse vintage, don’t ya think?
I wanted to create some permanent pumpkin decor for my home and thought of using some of our old doorknobs for pumpkin stems! I’m sharing all of the project details below so keep reading!

Here’s what you’ll need.

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  • Faux Pumpkins (I was lucky enough to find a few faux pumpkins for 90% off last year after the Halloween season. I seriously think I only paid pennies for them. Pennies!!)
  • Chalk Paint – This color is one of my favorites
  • Glass or metal door knobs – if you can’t find vintage, these replicas will work too
  • Some old maps or some of this vintage map paper for the leaves

Let’s get started.

First we cut off the stems. I used a steak knife to cut one of them. After witnessing this, my husband decided it best that he cut them in his workshop. I didn’t lose any digits my way. This time.
fake faux pumpkins
Next I painted them. I used white chalk paint on one, a greenish white latex sample on another and a pumpkin latex sample on the third. (note: we just love buying sample colors for random projects like this.) While the chalk paint dried the fastest (as is customary), the latex paint covered just as well. I sanded them all very lightly with 320 grit paper in between coats. After drying overnight, I buffed them all with dark wax to emphasize the ridges a bit more.
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
We punctured a small hole in the top and stuck our door knobs inside. I thought the white pumpkins still needed a little more detail so I cut pumpkin leaves out of an old atlas. I tried to find pages with lots of minty green. I wanted the leaves to be dimensional so I sewed two duplicate cuts together as a seam down the middle and then folded them up a bit.
I love how they turned out. Combined with the haphazard twine, they really compliment the vintage pumpkin style.
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
fall decor painted pumpkin vintage door knob
For the light orange pumpkin, I added some vintage keys instead and used some of my old price tags as leaves. I had some old metal tags lying around with x, y, z on them. I chose the Z for zombies. We are a zombie-loving household after all.
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
The orange pumpkin has been all over my house. Right now it’s in my living room but it’s so versatile, that I love it everywhere it lands.
I am so happy with how they turned out. These are classic enough that I can use these in my fall decor for years to come… at just a few cents a piece. What a thrifty fall decor DIY project!
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
painted faux pumpkin with vintage door knob and map
fall pumpkin project decor
So tell me… Which one is your favorite? Orange or white? What other colors would you paint them? I’d love to hear your feedback! I’m hoping to purchase more at after-season sales this year too.
Kristy Robb - Robb Restyle
painted pumpkin with vintage door knob

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  1. 1

    Love them all! What a great idea! Love that you incorporated the maps too.

    I was lucky enough to snag one of the wood doorknob shelves you put together a few years ago and it is still a favorite in our home 😉

    • 2

      You are so sweet Amanda!! We love to hear from someone who has been with us since the beginning!!

  2. 5

    I love the centerpiece idea. I’m still not sure if I’m going to decorate for fall or not since we’re still living in an apartment, but I’m also having trouble coming up with more “breezy” ideas that aren’t so primitive and dark colored, if ya know what I mean. White and orange would go with my breezy colors well though, and I like that you kept it simple. 🙂 Now i just need a table…

    • 6

      Thanks so much Kala! I know what you mean about color… I live in a very dark house. I’m hoping to paint some walls after the holiday season…

  3. 7

    I love these! Especially the orange pumpkin with the key and vintage tag. Pinned!

    P.S. I’m visiting from Get Your DIY On and would love for you to link up to Your Designs This Time Monday morning at 8:00. Hope to see your there!

  4. 17

    These are simply gorgeous, Kristy! I love the vintage door knobs… Soo lucky to have bins of them! Visiting from Your Designs This Time and would love to invite you to our link up party on my blog On Thurs. please. Look forward to looking around your blog!
    Kendra @ http://www.joyinourhome.com

  5. 19

    These are great Kristy!! How fun- love the knob and the map leaves-awesome. Thank you for linking up with us at Get Your DIY On! I hope you’ll join us in November with your furniture makeovers!!

    Mandy @ The Hankful House

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