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Repurpose: Lead Glass Window

Old leaded glass windows are so beautiful. It’s a shame you don’t find many houses anymore that still retain the them. However, I love to look at them in antique and salvage shops. They can be expensive, but I choose not to spend a lot on my salvage finds so if you’re patient you will eventually cross paths with decently priced versions. This one was only about $40 and there were no cracks in the glass.
Like any architectural home decor element, I’ve seen them used around the house in a variety of ways. I chose to hang this one in my kitchen window. I was tired of looking at my cotton window valances and felt they blocked some good light filtering through my kitchen. Old house = poor lighting.When I started lightly sanding the cream paint, I noticed a really cool green paint underneath that started peaking through. Loved this color blend, so I left it!

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