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Burlap Sack Foot Stool

Here’s a fun upcycle project that only took a few hours to complete… it actually took me much longer to find enough decorative nails to finish the project!

I found this old stool at the flea market and new this sturdy, solid stool would be a perfect project for the burlap I had collected. 
I’m not sure what was underneath this 60s tapestry fabric, but I removed all the nails and added a burlap coffee sack to cover the old fabric. I painted the legs a barn red and probably could have settled there, but I wanted to add a little more detail.
I had some leftover burlap webbing from another project so I wrapped it around the stool and finished it off with decorative upholstery nails. I think it added a little more refinement to the finished project!
This would look great outside on the porch but it is also perfectly suitable indoors in your mudroom or near some old chairs. It is the perfect height for sitting to put on a pair of shoes. 

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