Turquoise Paint Washed Front Porch Dresser

I love the look of furniture on a porch. We have a generous, covered front porch that I choose to decorate as if it was my second living room. πŸ™‚ I finally got around to painting some of my furniture and accessories this week – including a garage sale dresser that was in okay shape (nothing I would put inside my house). 

Right now, I’m in love with turquoise and orange combinations. I recently purchased some emerald teal colored paint (aka Gypsy Teal) and couldn’t wait to paint something in this vibrant blue-green hue. It totally reminds me of the Junk Gypsies (also my new favorite TV show) and something they might use on one of their thrifty finds in the big state of Texas. 

My mom suggested that I try a paint wash technique she had seen on Pinterest. She thought it would be easier than painting and would allow some of the dark wood to poke through. So, I just added about 1/3 cup of water to about 2 cups of paint to loosen it up a bit. Then I applied it with a brush and rubbed the excess off with a cotton rag, careful to wipe in the direction of my paint strokes. Some places took a few coats, but the drawer fronts absorbed it much quicker (perhaps it was the 100 degree weather I was painting in that sped the drying process a bit). 

I just love the aged, rubbed look that the paint wash achieved!! I didn’t even need to add my standard “aging technique” to this beauty… But, I did add a few glass and ceramic knobs to brighten up the painted dresser. What a fun, quick paint project for my “porch room”.

The best part? I’ve added some convenient storage for candles, bug spray, etc. and I have a perfect countertop for cocktails and a music player… date night on the porch when the kids hit the sack! πŸ™‚

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