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I’m a bargain shopper. I dig sales. I cannot pay full price for anything. Thus, I love it when I find something old that I think is a good deal – even in an antique store. I prefer to scavenge these type of things at auctions where the prices are usually rock bottom when dealers aren’t around, but I think these two pieces are nothing short of a steal! 

Found this great sign and negotiated an additional $10 off… I loved the green color (sorry, hard to really see in my instagram pic) and thought it would be perfect in our living room. It’s longer than I pictured in my mind’s eye, but still works between our windows. Not sure what it means – my dad thought it might have something to do with the speed limit changing in Indiana back in the seventies, from 60 to 55 mph. Just a cool looking advertising piece for about $60.

My other super find is this old corbel. I think it might have been an accent on an old porch or the exterior of a house. I didn’t try to talk them down on the price since it was a mere $16 (um, really). I loved the arch and white chippy paint. It is a great accent above our TV (and lightweight so not worrisome if it should fall). Again, these pics from instagram make my old house seem older, dimmer, and even a bit dingy… maybe I should use my good camera next time. 

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