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Repurpose: License Plate Flower

Have I told you how talented my husband is? We found this little gem in a cute shop while on vacation near French Lick, Indiana.Corey has been collecting random license plates for years. We’ve put plenty of the coolest or oldest ones on our walls in our basement (channeling Applebee’s or a more hip bar scene?)… Anyway, he’s basically taken the rest of our piles of license plates and turned them into these cute flowers! 

While I’m usually the one with the vision, he initiated this project himself… When we realized that these might only appeal to females, he created arrows as well. The arrows are great in an automobile themed boys room or by themselves in your own hip bar scene. He also made a few hearts! 

We’re going to need more license plates.
We are hoping to launch our Etsy store soon and will have these plates for sale. We are still figuring out shipping methods that make sense for everyone.

We have also taken some custom orders. Our brother-in-law kept some of his father’s old disabled veteran’s plates so we made him a flower with those plates. These would also be a neat way to display your custom sports team plates! The most fun part about this project is that every license plate is unique and in some cases colorful. We’re even able to create a variety from different parts of the country.

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