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Festive Hand-Painted Halloween Chair

Halloween is my favorite holiday.
If you know me, this little confession isn’t mind-blowing. I’ve always had a passion for horror films or ghost lore and this time of year is the perfect time for freaks like me to celebrate! If it were up to me, Halloween costumes would always be creepy in nature to demonstrate the true spirit of this holiday.
I guess you could say I was born without scare freckles – that’s how my six year old describes why he is frightened by all things related to Halloween. “I just have a lot of scare freckles, mom.” That must be in his dad’s genetic pool.
Halloween is also one of my favorite times to craft and decorate. I have a great deal of enthusiasm for old household things. Pair that with a few pumpkins and cob webs to transform antiques into Halloween decorations around our house.

Martha Stewart has really mastered this pairing. Many of her craft suggestions reflect the spooky nature I desire for Halloween without looking tacky and troublesome. I love her ideas and have even tried a few myself. See my post on the Jar o’ Lanterns project from her Living magazine several years ago. I still set these out each year.


Halloween chair BEFORE

We tried a new project this year – and by we, I mean my six year old and me. I found this great hand painted Halloween chair in a magazine. The price: $999…really!?! I happened to have a chair in my basement in the same style. My garage sale find: $5.
I’m not most skilled painter and I’m actually better with patterns or replication. I’m also not the least patient person you’ll ever meet – but painting with your children helps build that skill!

Humor aside, I truly appreciated the one-on-one time with him and his absolute pride for the finished chair.  

The result? With my son’s help we are very pleased with the painted chair. He was a great critic (especially when we were choosing colors) and helped create the candy corn on the front himself.

I only wish we could find more of these chairs!

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