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Before and After: Chair Update

My husband found these great chairs at an auction for just a few bucks each. One of them had some damage on the middle panel, but overall they were solid and in good condition. I don’t know why, but I’m attracted to lonely, mismatched chairs. Maybe it’s because each chair has a unique character, shape and form that can be easily re-styled for any room or purpose. I have quite a collection of random chairs in our basement workshop that I’ve updated for resell. My dad even joked that we should call our business “widow chairs” since my chairs are suitable for a table for one. 🙂 I like to think you can put a chair anywhere in your house… a great catch all for clothes, a place to sit for putting on your shoes, or just a pretty painted piece of furniture in the corner of a room.

I also adore painted furniture. A little paint and some trendy fabric goes a long way in transforming a dated chair. For these chairs, I used Waverly fabric and green paint leftover from another project. 


RESTYLE TIP: I prefer to age my painted furniture with a little brown paint applied with a short fat brush. It gives texture and character to the painted item. The brush I use is originally for creating “leather-like” textures to painted walls but it is my favorite for applying aged looks to furniture and frames. I usually have a rag close by to wipe off any excess paint and smudge it as I go. I’ve recently read about an aging glaze that I’m anxious to try. I’ll post something with that technique as soon as I get some in my shop!

My aging tool and paint color.

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