DIY Inspired by Martha Stewart: Jar o’ Lanterns

This is an old project of mine, but as I was getting my fall decorations out this year, I thought it would be appropriate to post a brief mention of it. Martha Stewart has provided me a great deal of inspiration over the years for crafting, decorating and cooking! And surprisingly she is quite the diva when it comes to all things Halloween.

This was a fairly easy craft – the painting on the inside is a concept that hadn’t even occurred to me. You can almost do it by pouring in some paint and rolling the jar around – almost. Even my parents and husband got into helping me with this project. The idea of selling them made the entire project invigorating for all of us. And I did sell a few, but I ended up giving away more of them. My sister-in-law informed me that she is still getting hers out each year and really enjoys them!

I just love the look of the shiny glass on the outside with the paint on the inside… the end result sort of reminds me of porcelain. These are a few of my jars on my windowsill.

You can find the complete instructions for this project on Martha Stewart’s site here.  

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