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Essential Summer Party Goods

Summer is here and entertaining is a must. There’s nothing better than a gathering with friends and neighbors to share recipes and cocktails with.

No matter what festive plans you have in store, I wanted to share a few of my favorite essential summer party goods.

I love browsing my Uncommon Goods catalog for clever and unique gift ideas. Uncommon Goods loves to work with makers (like us) to bring creative ideas to life. And, they pay attention to environment and sustainability issues by incorporating a mix of handmade, recycled and repurposed items.

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods, but all opinions, ideas and creative inspo are from me.

I’ve gathered a few of my favorites that promise to add a little more flavor to your celebration without breaking the bank. And, they all make great birthday gifts or even special goodies for your party hostess.

Essential Summer Party Goods

  1. State Slate Cheese Board

    It’s no secret that I love anything in the shape of the United States of America (like these USA wall hangings we make from vintage tin ceiling tiles). This slate cheese board is perfect for serving your favorite cheese alongside fresh produce from the farmer’s market. And, you can even label your cheese with some chalk. It’s a perfect party appetizer display that lasts all summer long.
    Essential Summer Party Goods

  2. Party Sprinkles

    One of my favorite ice cream toppings is simply sprinkles. They add a perfect little crunch to my soft-serve and I just can’t get enough. I actually worked in an ice cream shop for a few summers while in college, so my obsession goes way, way back! But look at this adorable container of party sprinkles! It would be a perfect birthday present for her or even as a hostess gift at a backyard BBQ. Seriously, I dream of dumping scoop after scoop of this pretty sprinkle concoction on everything I eat this summer – ice cream, fruit, tacos – I really mean EVERYTHING.
    Essential Summer Party Goods

  3. Mixtape Glasses

    I grew up making and sharing custom mixtapes with my friends and this household totally digs anything related to the 80s. So, it’s no surprise that we think these mixtape glasses are a must-have for any summer celebration. And the fact that you can come up with fun ways to personalize them is totally RAD! These days DJ Kristy’s mixtape would be called Hip Hop for Teacher and DJ Corey’s mixtape would be called Old Country for Old Men. These glasses are going to be such a hit! (I’m so punny)
    Essential Summer Party Goods

  4. Twig Marshmallow Skewer

    There’s just something artistic and chic about this twig marshmallow skewer that caught my attention. I think it’s quite possible to step up your s’mores game with these artsy sticks in hand. One of our favorite ways to serve up special s’mores treats is to replace the chocolate bar with a Reese’s peanut butter cup. It’s the little things, right? If you have a guy who loves to play with fire (basically every guy I know), this would be a fantastic gift for him.
    Essential Summer Party Goods

  5. Classic Cocktails Towel

    You know, there are those cocktails you always make. Around here it’s bloody marys. And then there are those you only make on special occasions… Celebrate all of them with this classic cocktails towel. This adorable towel will look super swanky hanging from your retro bar cart. Or, pair with all the fixings of your favorite cocktail and give it to your special friend on her birthday.
    Essential Summer Party Goods

  6. Neighborwoods Coasters

    I think party goods with maps or geographical references are also a must-have. And, there’s something even more intimate about neighborhoods. Who better the celebrate with than the folks who live near and dear to you? These coasters appeal to both guys or gals and make interesting conversation pieces no matter what you are celebrating.  You can customize them with several different locations and I love how each one in the set is unique.

Essential Summer Party Goods


I hope you enjoy this unique collection of party goods. Now go get yourself some mixtape glasses and start brainstorming clever mixtape names! You don’t want to be caught off-guard at your next gathering. #amiright

Kristy Robb

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