DIY Puppy Couch Cover

This Christmas will go down in Robb history as one of our more memorable ones and not for what Santa brought… but for the little guy we adopted just before the holiday. Meet Master Chief.
To say we aren’t “dog people” would be the understatement of the year. We lost our cat suddenly and the overwhelming guilt that follows once you’ve told your kids their pet died can initiate some hasty, even irrational decisions. But hey, our boys are only young once and the endless requests for a puppy would finally be granted. We are very grateful this pup has entered our lives.
On our way to pick up the dog my husband and I proclaimed all the standard house rules. Everyone has to help with the dog, he will be crate trained and even sleep in the crate, and finally he will never (not ever) be allowed on the living room furniture… I think it was by the third night that my husband slept with the dog on the couch and on the seventh night the dog was sleeping in our bed. And well before that, we found ourselves cuddled up next to him on our living room couch. How could we make that sweet face lay on the floor? I’m not sure we’ll ever be “dog people” but we absolutely LOVE this dog.
So, my couch. It’s still a bit new to me and was not purchased with a dog in mind. In a quick search on Etsy I found lots and lots of adorable pet accessories! I found a super cute fabric couch cover but it cost around $90. It looked like a simple square of fabric. This I can sew.
I selected these two fabric patterns. Perhaps overdone in home decor and design, but seriously my two favorite patterns! 
I purchased two yards of each and cut them a little wider than the seat of my couch. Next I added some old interfacing I had to help stiffen the cover and make sure the gray pattern didn’t poke through the chevron pattern once sewn together. I also wanted it to be reversible – depending on my mood I could flip from gray to mustard. 
I ironed the interfacing to the back of the chevron fabric and sewed the pieces together, leaving a small place to pull the fabric through as though I was making a pillow cover. Then I added another stitch around the edge – and done. I think I like the gray side best. Honestly, I probably should have made this to protect the couch from my boys… before the dog came. There’s still time.

Sittin’ pretty. He looks so cute. It’s probably not as soft as the corduroy couch, but I think he approves.

Next up: Ikat Polka Dot Dog Bed… for when (maybe) at some point he decides he doesn’t like sleeping with us. We’ll see…………..

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    So, this is awesome! Also, I mean this in the nicest way but someone has to say it…you’re in denial!? If you’re letting your dog in your bed, and on the couch you have crossed over into being a “dog person” ?

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    Oh you hooked me now. You have a sweet goofy Labby baby. If you have never had a Lab before, you are in for a real treat. They have big personalities, make facial expressions and talk with their eyes. I have a Black Lab and Golden Retriever mix. When people ask me if he’s a Lab, my response is, ‘Nope! He’s a Yorkie.’ LOL. When I brought him home nearly eight years ago I wanted a Yorkie so bad! Instead I brought home a dog that was going to be 100 pounds full grown. So I tease and say he’s a Yorkie… but I also say that because…. helloooo who doesn’t know what a Lab is? πŸ˜‰ I’m a total dog person! I just love them so much. They can be totally neurotic messes, but the unconditional love that they give is worth every single chewed up cell charger, brand new baseball hat, and brand new super cute flip-flop and ballet flat. My guy does not chew on things anymore except for his own toys, but the first year was a little crazy.

    Your handmade puppy covers are really cute. I just bought a ton of white sheets from thrift stores. At least they look nice in blog photos and it’s not completely obvious that i have sheets all over the sofas. My sofas aren’t anything photo worthy anyways.

    If your puppy kid starts shedding like crazy, and he will, I have an excellent supplement that curtails most of it. It’s called Missing Link. Just sprinkle that into his food and the shedding will significantly decrease except for the two main shedding seasons during season changes at spring and fall.

    Your little fur baby is just precious and beautiful!


    I had all of the same rules. They went to the wayside within a couple of weeks.

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