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DIY Letter Lamp Shade

I’ve been a little crazy about numbers in 2012. See my post here for details on my number fixation. So, when I needed to buy a new lamp shade for our family-room-turned-game-room, my first thought was to add some numbers to this plain ol’ faux burlap shade. Since the boys have taken over this room with their video gaming marathons, I wanted it to be a little whimsical and modern.

I’ll be honest, this room has been largely ignored as far as decorating is concerned. It used to be a hideout for my husband and I. We could watch TV upstairs near the little ones’ bedrooms. It was nearby, quiet and warm during chili winter nights. This upstairs room is tucked away in the back of our house, hidden from view. However, now that the kiddos are older, they (and multiple games, gaming systems, boy toys… you name it) have taken over this little former hideaway. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s just easier to give up the room and close the door. But alas, we are hosting a holiday party this year, forcing me to open the door and perk up this little room.

While numbers are my “go to” when adding stencils, I thought better of it this time and headed online to Pinterest for a little inspiration. Here were my favorite 3.

So…………. I chose to add some letters instead. I realize this is not a monumental change from numbers {sigh}. However, I had a lot of fun with this. I used the first letters of our names to make my collage.
I cut various sizes of the letters A, G, C, and K out of freezer paper with my handy-dandy Silhouette machine. Then carefully ironed the paper to the shade, staggering the letters – while trying not to burn my hands… Using a paint marker, I carefully filled in the letters. Finally I removed the stencil/freezer paper.
Plain ol’ shade
freezer paper stencils cut from Silhouette Cameo
you can see where I started coloring in the ‘g’

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