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DIY Decor: Home Office

Here’s a quick (and I mean like 10 minutes tops) project. I was with a friend at a flea market recently and she was picking out some vintage book pages. I love typography and thought this would make a great addition to my home office. 

I already had an empty 8×10 photo frame. I simply used my Silhouette cameo to create a scalloped matte from scrapbook card stock. If you don’t have a machine like this, you could skip the scallops and simple cut a rectangle to frame your book page out of paper or card stock. This little project pairs well with my display of vintage cameras in my home office (aka: my little corner nook in the dining room).
Lately I’ve seen boxes of vintage books go for just a few dollars at an auction – this project is a great way to display some of the book pages.  Or, stack a few of the books together and tie them with twine to make a display out of the entire books. 
This is a more recent photo… added a few more vintage items to my shelf!
My other new home office addition this weekend was a vintage cart! Since I received my Silhouette Cameo machine earlier this summer it’s been sitting on an old TV tray – not exactly chic! My office “nook” is so small we have a small space desk from Pottery Barn that is really efficient but not meant to have more than a computer on top. 
I was inspired by one I found in an article on Real Simple related to decluttering your space. My home office often doubles as my Etsy shipping center, so the supplies I need within reach have grown considerably this year. However, my inspiration cart costs about $595… whoa!
While walking through a newly discovered antique store this weekend, this little red cart caught my eye (and was in my price range = less than $50). I was really hoping the top was large enough for my cameo to sit – and it was exactly perfect! I was able to fit a vintage locker basket underneath to store my supplies. And for a little fun, I cut a vinyl scallop for the top shelf edges. I love this cart – if I didn’t need it in my office, I would totally use it as a cocktail cart at parties – perhaps I still can???

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