DIY Decor: Signs of Fall

Crisp air, falling leaves, fresh apples, and pumpkin-flavored everything… all signs of the season. At our house, it’s always a busy time. My oldest has a birthday in October and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate. For me it’s about spooky movies, costume decisions, pumpkin-flavored everything, and best of all: fall home decor!

I thought I would share a few nooks in our home that are decorated for the season. Here are the signs of fall at our house…
Outside, colorful and hearty mums have replaced my drought-damaged summer flowers. Sadly, the summer was so harsh that many of them were finally blooming again with recent rains. But it frosted last night so their days were numbered.

Love when my hydrangeas turn green!

Like my wreath? They are for sale in my Etsy shop!

Words to the wise… don’t leave your antique crocks outside all winter. They will fill with water, freeze and thaw several times, and eventually crack… such a bummer – this was one of my favorites. I’ve made use of it with a little duck tape on the inside so maybe we’ll get another season out of it yet.

Inside there are a variety of both fall and Halloween themes. These jars-o-lanterns are a favorite Martha Stewart project from many years ago. In fact, they are my first attempt at making a craft to sell. Although I didn’t sell many to people outside of my family (that’s usually how it works, isn’t it?) I do enjoy setting these out each year and receive many compliments on them. Who knows, maybe I’ll paint some more jar-o-lanterns for Robb Restyle someday!

Note: Only one window in my living room has a curtain so far!
This is a project I’m working on around other projects – isn’t the contractor’s
house always the last to be complete???
My little one’s first birthday was a Halloween themed party and I tea-stained this old, tattered lace curtain for a table covering. It now fits perfectly over my sofa table. My little boo banner is new this year and inspired a few similar banners in the Robb Restyle shop. 
Another Pinterest-inspired project was putting seed corn in my ball jars. Love changing up my lanterns for the season. I stopped along a county road and picked a few ears (sorry farmers). Two blistered thumps later, I barely filled the two jars. But I like the combination of the seed corn in the ball jars and it will still be pretty past Halloween and into Thanksgiving.

Last season I was lucky enough to find this seasonal Martha Stewart craft paper and felt letters on clearance at the fabric store. I just cut some shapes and made a quick banner for my mirror. 
My buckets are a new Robb Restyle project (see blog post here). I also love my indian corn and raffia garland. It’s like 10 years old and it’s still my favorite staircase adornment. 
While I love my old house, we aren’t lucky enough to have a chimney or mantel to decorate… so I found this thrifty Pottery Barn mantel shelf and decorate it for the season instead. Obvious side note: I love anything with the letter R. πŸ™‚
As you can tell, my table top needs a little more direction… need more fall stuff and some guidance here!
Get more details about my festive Halloween chair project here
Here’s just another angle in my living room. Pillows help soften the ugliness that is a recliner. And we all have one, don’t we – even though they detract from any modern home decor style!?!

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