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Window to the World: DIY Map Project

My husband taught history for many years. Maybe it explains why he is attracted to all things old, vintage and worn… except for me, of course, because I’m at least a few years younger than him and definitely not old or worn – yet! But, like him, I am attracted to vintage and so this is just one of the many ways we are perfect life partners. I couldn’t imagine this journey with anyone else. He also continues to amaze me with his creativity… and that’s something that really melts my heart! ♥ ♥ 

For centuries explorers have documented where man has been with maps so others can follow. And for years my husband has been collecting old maps whenever he’s lucky enough to discover them.
Maps are such a vital part of our history and yet these days it’s hard to imagine a world without GPS. 
DIY Vintage Window Map Display
Vintage maps are new territory for Robb Restyle. We are just starting to find ways to incorporate them into our repurposed vintage. Leave it to my wonderful, creative, history-loving husband. We have a lot of windows… and a lot of vintage maps. He combined the two like missing pieces of a puzzle. I absolutely LOVE his new creations turning maps into home decor and art.

We live in the midwest so many of our maps are of Indiana and our neighboring states.
DIY Vintage Window Map Display
DIY vintage window map project
DIY Vintage Window Map Display
DIY Vintage Window Map Display
DIY vintage Window map
Don’t have any vintage maps at home. Find similar maps here, here and here:
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Kristy Robb - Robb Restyle
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  1. 1

    wanted to let you know that my girlfriend, who lives in Alabama, ‘pinned’ this link on pinterest today. I immediately made the connection! keep up the great work!

  2. 2

    I am wondering how he attaches the maps to the windows? I have some old windows, love geography/maps and love this look!

    • 3

      Hi Jill. We have found the best way is too attach the map to some foam core that has been trimmed to the window pane. Then we use glazing points or nails to secure the foam core map into the window… Plus it doesn’t damage the integrity of the window in the event you want to change it.

    • 6

      I have been picking up old atlas’s at estate sales but many of them have copyright on the pages, so not sure I can copy the pages even if the company isn’t around any more.

    • 7

      Trial and error… Sometimes you have to be willing to make a few cuts too. We buy lots and then try a few to find the right fit.

    • 9

      Oh thank you Florence… Foam core is like poster board but a little thicker. You can find it in any craft store or places like Walmart.

  3. 10

    thanks for the foam core tip. I live in my grandparents old home and was very reluctant to replace the windows several years ago. But age, and some pretense of common sense led me to finally cave in. I have wanted to do something special with some of the original windows, besides have them sitting in our barn. I had recently decided to put maps in them, but the foam core makes me feel so much better about actually doing it. It will allow me to showcase them, without committing to the look as a “forever” project.
    I have just discovered your blog, and will be checking back for more good ideas.

    another midwesterner

  4. 12

    Great projects. I really like the British Isles piece you did, very nice. I just replaced ten 1940’s double hung windows and I love the idea of turning them into pieces as art. Thanks for the tips.

  5. 14

    So you have to cut the map to the size of each panel the attach it to the fome core with glue or what? Then attach with small nails. My windows are old and historical. I’m glazing them so the wood that’s cracking will not pop off. I’m afraid to use nails. What else can I use?

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