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What’s on Tap No.2

Hey there. It’s not only Friday around here, but also the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. And no one is more excited for summer than this mama.

end of school

Something I haven’t done before.

I can no longer be proud of my perfect record as a carpool mom.  On Monday, I picked up my oldest from school and headed out to his doctor appointment. My youngest had swim practice, so it was just the two of us. After his appointment, we had time to spare so we stopped at a drive-in for a snack. I felt relaxed because the appointment was fast and we had some extra time. We were enjoying the warm weather with the windows down when I noticed the elementary school was calling my cell phone. Hmm. What could that be about?

Oh, you know. It was just the school calling because I forgot some kids at school. You see, my sister had asked me to pick up my niece and nephew on Monday after school and I agreed. I even told my husband to help me remember in the morning. And then, I never once thought about it again. Not even a feeling that I was forgetting something. What is WRONG with me?

Anyhow, it ended up being fine. They school secretary graciously sent the kids over to the aftercare program and they got to spend a little time on the playground until I got there.

At least this wasn’t as bad as the time I forgot to let my sister’s little dogs out while she was out of town for more than 24 hours. No joke. Dog poo was sprinkled all over her living room floor. I seriously can’t be trusted to remember… poop. From now on, just call me Dory.

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What’s in my Amazon cart.

Each summer the boys and I create a summer reading list. One of our summer rules is that my kids read for 30 minutes a day. I know my rules aren’t always followed. But the effort is behind it. My oldest loves everything about the 80s so he’s planning to read Ready Player One. The rest of us in the family already listened to the audiobook and it’s one of our faves (action-packed and full of 80s references). Plus, Steven Spielberg signed on to make it into a movie. This household is super excited about it!

My little guy loves mysteries and scary books. A friend of his introduced him to the Disney After Dark series. If your kiddo already loves Disney, this series is a neat twist on what happens at the park at night. He’s also in the middle of the Miss Peregrine series.

Welp, our invisible fence dog collar bit the dust this week. The poor guy has to be tied up outside now because he was escaping the yard and running into the busy streets. He hates the leash (and we hate to hear him whine). Hoping the new wireless collar arrives soon… for all our sanity. I’m also getting him this new stylish and colorful dog collar for his IDs since his other one is dirty and gross.

Summer Bucket List (and a free printable).

free summer bucket list printable

photo cred: Dawn Nicole Designs

This is one of our family’s favorite summer traditions. We’ve been making summer bucket lists for the last 5 years now. It’s a great way to set some activity goals for the summer and to remind us of all the things we said we would do. Our list includes movies we want to see, places to visit, summer vacation plans, and dates where our kids get alone time with one or both parents. This is actually one of the most popular items on the list each year – a reminder that our kiddos just need our undivided attention sometimes. And that doesn’t cost a thing.

Everyone contributes. And, we all review the list regularly.

Like the rest of the year, summer goes by fast… but we love being able to check things off. We have never finished an entire list, but we certainly try.

This year, I thought it would be fun to create my own printable and I’m sharing it here with you today. CLICK HERE to print a free summer bucket list printable.

Ok, that’s it for now. Please let me know if you create family bucket lists or have other summer traditions… put them in the comments below. I’d love to hear about them!

Kristy Robb

2017 summer bucket list

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