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Vintage Trash Can Makeover

Here’s another trash can makeover (see dog food container) only this time we will use it for trash.

My husband went picking and found this great vintage metal trash can with foot lever… and it still worked!

While I was already using this beautiful glossy red spray paint on the dog food container, I thought it would also make a great color for this trash can, which I intended to put in our downstairs bathroom (pictured here). I thought the red would compliment the dark blue and crisp white walls. Another bonus: the dog will not be able to access icky things in the trash! 

I sound like a broken record, but I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy creating labels for projects like this. My husband also enjoys poking fun (like when I labeled the transparent jar of popcorn, because you couldn’t tell what was inside?!?!). LOL!

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    so cute! i’m gonna be on the lookout for a tall one to redo for my kitchen. i have a retro 50-60’s decor and that would go perfect and the red is fabu!

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