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Rose Gold Painted Faux Plants for Fall Decor

Paint faux eucalyptus stems a soft matte metallic rose gold color. Mix them with amber glass jars and vases for a pretty fall decor vignette.

I love seeing more and more nontraditional fall colors in the decor stores. For me, fall looks more like shades of copper and rose gold. And, in my latest HGTV magazine, they had painted a faux plant for a room makeover… which gave me an idea!

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I decided to paint some plain and inexpensive faux eucalyptus for my amber glass vases using DecoArt’s matte metallic paint. It’s the perfect way to bring some easy and soft color into your vases this season. And I absoloutely love the sheen of this paint! Remember when I painted this cabinet with matte metallic paint? 

How to paint faux eucalyptus matte rose gold for fall

How to paint faux stems for your fall decor.

This is a super easy project. It starts with a few stems of faux eucalyptus (or really any faux stems will work for this project). DecoArt has a beautiful rose gold color in their line of matte metallic paint. The finish is soft and light – making it a perfect sheen for painting faux leaves.

First, you need to remove all the leaves and set the stem aside. Start by painting one side, then hold the leaf against the surface of a white piece of paper to paint the back side.

how to paint with matte metallic

Once the leaves have dried, you can attach them back to the eucalyptus stems. Then arrange your stems in glass jars or vases for a pretty fall vignette. I trimmed my large stem so it fit into smaller vases.

I think amber glass has the perfect earthy vibe for fall so I grabbed a few vintage jars I already had on hand and combined it with an amber ball jar as well.

Amber glass fall vase

These faux eucalyptus stems painted with DecoArt’s matte metallic paint in Rose Gold make such a charming combination with copper and orange accents, plus the amber glass.

amber glass fall vase

I love how the matte finish still has a slight but soft shimmer when painted on the leaves. I think this matte metallic paint would look cute on faux pumpkins and succulents too – don’t you think?

Matte Rose Gold Faux Painted Plant

I love creating little vignettes that mix old and new. And fall is the perfect season to make this mix work as a seasonal tablescape in my dining room.

fall decor rose gold

As you plan your fall decor this season, don’t rule out shades of rose gold and amber. They make such a darling combination that is a little bit nontraditional, but also pairs nicely with more traditional copper, orange and cream accents.

How to paint faux stems fall decor

It may only be the start of September, but I’m looking forward to fall temperatures, more denim and weekend campfires – how about you? What is your favorite part about this pretty season?

Kristy Robb

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