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Flea Market Flip: Painted Vases

I’m a flea market junkie but I don’t normally browse the glassware. I guess I feel like I already have a lot of it stored in cabinets and frankly I’m running out of storage for pieces that I only occasionally use. However, these two pumpkin-shaped vases caught my eye… and, well, they were only $1. Perfect for fall, RIGHT?

I absolutely adore Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint. It turns plain ol’ glass into something spectacular. I’ve used it on old floral vases, ball jars and more. It’s paints an effect that is more like mercury glass than silver spray paint. It is so fun to use and dries almost instantly – making this flea market flip really quick!

I am lucky enough to have full blooming hydrangeas right now and when dried, they make perfect bouquets for fall.


Speaking of hydrangeas… I put them everywhere in my house. I’m not good at watering plants… poor things always die under my supervision. Thus, dried blooms are perfect for my black/brown thumbs. And, this green color the blooms turn is really ah-mazing. It is my favorite shade of green and perfectly compliments nearly any color scheme.
My hydrangeas earlier in the season when the petals are
still white and not quite ready for drying.
On my kitchen counter in a simple ball jar vase.
In my mudroom… kinda silly, but pretty as it greets our backdoor guests.
In a vintage vase on my retro dining table in our kitchen.


In a bundt pan-turned-vase on my patio table.



 Kristy Robb
Flea Market Flip Mercury Glass Vase


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