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Vintage Farmhouse Style Decor


Our tiny town is surrounded by a landscape typical of Indiana in the beautiful Midwest. You know what I mean if you’ve ever driven through Indiana… you can see for miles in any direction and the only obstructions are grain bins, silos, old barns, new barns, and the like. I’m not much of a farm girl – in fact detassling corn in the summer during my teenage years was the closest I’ve come to the farm world and will always remain as one of the worst jobs in memory. No, I mean it. Worst. Job. Ever.

That aside, we do LOVE old barn wood of any kind. The patina of chippy paint on thick boards with genuine weathered aging is a treasure that can’t be replicated by hand (although I try… all the time).
It’s not uncommon to come across grain and feed sacks around the area. These are just a few of the ways we’ve repurposed this authentic and rustic Indiana goodness.
Making pillows is probably the easiest way to repurpose some of those grain sacks. Durable and already stained. If you have kids and/or pets, you’ll appreciate that.
Seriously, when you frame a vintage burlap sack with chippy barn wood, you create a beautiful piece of Indiana artwork. Don’t you agree?
We love finding and reusing old barn window sashes too. Combined with some foam core and feed sacks, these make fantastic memo boards.
This heart was cut from corrugated metal we retrieved from an old barn roof. Easy to work with. If you ever come across any, don’t pass it up.
I love making signs from old barn wood. It is a fantastic canvas for simple signs.
Does anyone buy normal hooks at the store anymore??? I certainly hope not. There are so many objects from our past that make beautiful, not to mention more interesting, places to hang your stuff. One of the more common ways we use barn wood is for wall organization – especially when combined with other vintage finds.
Wall hooks.


This table was created for me using very old and aged barn wood. Learn more about it in this post.

Table top made from barn walls.
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