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DIY Dog Food Container

Oh how our lives have changed since we adopted our lab! Our brief doggie honeymoon [or the calm before the storm] is over and our puppy is acting more like a puppy. In other words, keeping us on our toes – at all times! Of course we still love him, but let’s just say it’s a good thing I can sew. The couch picture I shared in the DIY couch cover post is missing a few pillows at the moment, not to mention the socks, slippers, shoes, toys, tv remotes, and more that have been either eaten altogether or chewed beyond recognition.

Meanwhile I’ve been searching for an attractive and cute container for his dog food. We are buying 30 pounds of chow at a time, so it needed to be large enough to hold most of the bag but small enough to fit in my kitchen. 
There are cute versions available like this one, but they were still too small for what we needed. 
I ended up finding a metal trash can at Rural King for about $17. What I especially liked about it was that the sides were not ribbed like standard metal cans so I could easily apply a vinyl sticker to it. The label said it would hold up to 25 pounds of food – perfect!

I’ve found that Valspar has the best spray paint color variety. They make a very crisp red that isn’t pink or burgundy. Oh, and before I sprayed the metal bucket, I wiped it down with vinegar – a tip I learned from Pinterest. Apparently it will help keep the paint from chipping. It can’t hurt, right?

Labels are half the fun in a project like this. Again, I used my Silhouette Cameo to create a label for the new feed bucket in white vinyl.

And while Chief can still sneak into the bathroom when the door has been left open by one of our children, steal a roll of toilet paper and shred it on the living room floor before anyone notices… he will not be able to sneak into the this metal container of food. One small victory.
This little guy is growing fast!

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