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What’s on Tap No.4

Summer has always been my favorite season, probably due in part to having a June birthday. In fact, I’m celebrating kind of a big number next week. Although the older I get, the numbers don’t seem to be as big as I once thought they were. Happens to all of us, doesn’t it? I’m just grateful I keep getting to celebrate them.

When I was managing people in my 20s, my age intimidated me. I didn’t want to be the youngest in the room or seen as the girl with no experience – when, in hindsight, that’s exactly what I was. 😉 Fast forward to my 30s and how silly that sounds now. Last year my coworkers gave me a “turning the big 4-0” card just before my birthday. I looked up from reading their charming comments about being over-the-hill, etc. and said, ‘You guys realize I’m only 39 this year, right?’ My boss looked at me in surprise and asked ‘are you sure?’ For a moment I wasn’t… You know, after a while you don’t pay much attention to the exact number. Ha, ha! We all had a good laugh… and it felt great to spend another year as a thirtysomething. Cheers to 40 years!

yard sale sign

Yard Sale

Well, the last yard sale was around 5 years ago and we said it would be our last. My husband detests everything about digging up our discarded home goods, slapping a price on them, and then throwing them out into the yard for strangers to browse. But, the clutter continues to grow. I can’t be creative when I feel pressure from the clutter.

Our community has a special yard sale date every summer and we just happen to be home this weekend. My husband’s rule has always been, if it comes out of the house for a yard sale, it doesn’t go back in if it doesn’t sell. Lucky for us, the community clean-up day is the following weekend and our town will pick up anything at the curb – no limits! That’s pretty fantastic if you ask me. If you’re local, you should come on by. We even have some unfinished furniture projects and leftover Robb Restyle inventory priced to sell quickly.

Shop Robb Restyle

New Place to Shop Robb Restyle

You guys, I am seriously really excited about this new place to sell my goods. Often when I sell my goods in a boutique or shop there are so many rules. Some shops wanted to handpick exactly what I should make and would turn away some of our goods they didn’t like. That was always hard swallow. One particular shop also took a 50% cut of the sale price. And, that makes it hard to keep my prices down. This new shop seems well-organized and flexible without a lot of inventory rules, which I like.

This is a new shop that sells antique goods, called Raven’s Roost Antiques. The owner wanted to sprinkle in some handmade and repurposed goods with her own inventory. The shop is located in Monticello, Ind. across from a new local brewery that just opened up (win-win for this craft beer girl)! It’s only 40 minutes from my house so restocking will be a snap. Plus, there are two lakes and tons of tourist traffic – exactly the kind of place I wanted to be! Let me tell you, I need to make things, as in it’s part of what fuels my soul, but I don’t have room for all the things I make. When I don’t have an outlet to sell my goods, my creativity takes a backseat.

If you’re local, click here for the address. Go give them a like on facebook and follow along as I share handmade and repurposed goods!

Summer Home Tour

Hey, I just shared my backyard tour yesterday for the Seasonal Simplicity home tour. You must pencil in some time to visit these 20+ beautiful homes for gobs of decorating ideas this season. Visit instagram during your next road trip and use the #SeasonalSimpicity hashtag.  If you’ve been keeping up, comment below with your favorite home tour!

That’s it for now. TGIF.

Kristy Robb


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