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Easy DIY Paper Flower May Day Wreath

Promises of warmer weather and colorful spring blooms inspired this little DIY Project.

But first…

I’m so excited to be a DIY ambassador this year for National DIY Day! It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all the DIYers and makers out there.

I’ve been DIY-ing things for as long as I can remember. Before we had a computer at home as a kid, I was hand-drawing birthday party invites for my sister. In college, I continued to be creative making projects for my sorority sisters and helping decorate for recruitment activities. I subscribed to Martha Stewart Living and tried to make every single craft in it. When I met Corey, we discovered a mutual love for repurposing vintage and making decor for our home.

DIY is so important to me for many reasons. It’s a creative outlet for stress or other distractions in life. Making something with my hands or designing something on the computer is such an escape for me. It’s therapeutic. And, like a strong cup of coffee in the morning, it fuels my soul. There’s also a sense of accomplishment that I crave when I make something from start to finish. Oh, and I really like to find thrifty ways to come up with expensive-looking (or inspired by expensive retailers) home decor. Because, well, don’t we all wanna save a buck?!?


Find my special DIY Day Map Message Board Project here and be sure to visit the National DIY Day site for even more inspiration! They are setting the stage for a growing movement to celebrate creativity and the art of making. And that’s worth a look!

Easy DIY May Day Wreath

Paper crafts are the best, aren’t they? They are cheap, easy to make and offer so many possibilities. One day I was reading the I Heart Organizing blog and she posted about this machine she used to create little labels for her home organization. This machine cut the most adorable shapes and I soon learned it was called a Silhouette. I immediately told my mom all about it. Oh, the things I would make, I said. So. Many. Possibilities. I could do this and this and this and…

And you know what, she believed I could. So she purchased a (aff) Silhouette Cameo for me and had it delivered to my house. Just because. She’s pretty special, and I’m pretty lucky.

It really has been a life-changing machine. It’s helped me DIY so many home decor items around the house over the years. Here are a few throwback posts for ya:  here and here and here. That’s going way, way back, isn’t it? 

You guys, this isn’t a sponsored post…. this is just me sharing my LOVE for the Silhouette Cameo. So let’s get started.

Easy DIY May Day Wreath

Today I’m sharing another project using my Silhouette Cameo. I love cutting little flowers and shapes for all kinds of things around the house… but in the sharing spirit of DIY, I’m creating a super easy paper flower wreath for May Day – which is just around the corner. This is a great project for kiddos too. I remember when my little guy discovered May Day. He was so excited to secretly deliver some flowers to our next door neighbors. It was adorable and they loved it. She even brought him over a thank you note. 

Real flowers are great, but paper ones are more fun. Just sayin’. So, I cut a simple donut shape from some leftover cardboard (most likely an Amazon box – ha!) and added a few paper flowers I cut out with my Silhouette Cameo.

Here are the Silhouette shapes I used:

  • 3D Flower
  • 3D Succulent

I prefer using lightly-patterned cardstock for my flower projects. I also like using double-sided cardstock for a little dimension in the petals and shapes. Once you have your shapes cut out, I think it helps to add some bend and curves to the petals or leaves. Here’s how I like to shape my flowers to give them a more worn and realistic look – check out this quick video I made:

Shaping paper flowers for that authentic and imperfect look is super easy with (aff) this tool. Once they are shaped to your desire, layer them and glue together. Then arrange them on your wreath with a little tacky glue or a glue gun. Finally, a little rope or ribbon to hang it from the back.

DIY May Day Wreath

While I think these are pretty cute hanging on my inside doors as Spring decor, they will definitely brighten someone’s day if you share them. Just add a little card… I am loving that the Target dollar spot is always stocked with adorable and seasonal cards for $3 or less. That’s where I picked up this little hello card with confetti.

DIY May Day Wreath

DIY May Day Wreath

Share the love this spring and celebrate the DIY spirit at the same time! I love sharing my DIY projects with you and I’m so happy you stopped by to view this post. Use these same flowers on a picture frame or a chalkboard for a little spring adornment. Or, glue them to some sticks from the yard for a rustic looking bouquet.

There are many possibilities. Be creative and just do it!

Happy Spring. And, Happy National DIY Day!

Kristy Robb restyle

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