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5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas

No matter how large your kitchen is, there is never enough space – am I right?!? When we were planning our farmhouse kitchen renovation and I decided I wanted to have open shelves instead of upper wall cabinets, my husband cringed. He saw what was in our existing cabinets and couldn’t imagine having all that on a shelf for everyone to see.

But I was determined. And I already bought the shelves. So, it was a good as done. It did require us to be more creative with our storage (and get rid of some ugly plastic cups), but it’s challenges like this where we really shine! And, it allowed us to find purpose for some of the vintage we’ve curated and couldn’t part with.

After our Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal post, many of you inquired about our metal shelves. I was unable to located the shelves I purchased. It looks like they are sold out here. But I did find a few that were similar here and here and here and here.

Here are my 5 favorite clever farmhouse kitchen storage ideas:

1. Vintage Boxes

Let’s start with some of our vintage boxes. If you follow us on Instagram, you know we LOVE boxes… all shapes and sizes. Lucky for us, there were plenty of ways to use them with our farmhouse kitchen decor.

When our shelves were first hung and I added our dishes, I sent my mom a pic. I had all the plates and bowls stacked in order but she encouraged me to be a little less “organized” with it and she was right. So, I went to our stash and found this clever box that was stenciled with the word glass – it was meant to be! And, it makes getting to our dinner plates a little easier.


This soda water box looks like decoration, but it’s deep and can hide a multitude of kitchen items, extra dishes and paper towel storage. Plus, it reminds us of our favorite state, Wisconsin.

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

2. Champagne Bucket

This silver champagne bucket was a wedding gift from my sista. I love the shape and its patina (all 15 years of it), but since we don’t drink a lot of champagne on ice, it makes an even better utensil holder.

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

3. Cast Iron Hooks

We love our aqua Le Creuset enameled cast iron pans but they are heavy and we didn’t have a good place to store them, so I added a cast iron hook here to hang the pan next to the stove. We have to store our Le Creuset dutch oven on the stovetop but I love that it adds a little color to the kitchen, too.

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

4. Vintage Metal Containers

I’ve had this replica metal bread box for years. I love that it finally looks like it fits with my kitchen!

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

This summer we visited the Urban Farmgirl Main Street Market and we picked lots of adorable vintage items. That’s where I found this cool metal container with the advertising still in tact. We repurposed it as a little hub for our salts and pepper.

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

5. Repurposed Soda Boxes

Our dog cannot simply eat out of a plain ol’ dog dish in this house. Nope. And, we’ll have dozens of these clever little soda box pet feeders for sale at the November Holiday Hobnob Market! Find out how I created our dog food container here.

We also took a deeper soda box and added casters to create a little place to keep our baking pans. This is one of my favorite storage areas because these pans were stuffed in a narrow cabinet before and I had to utter many a curse word in order to find the right pan. Every time I cooked.

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

Yep, here’s another vintage soda box. This time we kept the little dividers and used it as a shelf for some of our spices and added some hooks for my colander. I’m telling you, we really had to maximize every bit of space in this kitchen!

My fruit basket is vintage, but I found a really cute similar one here.

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

This is another little wall space that we took advantage of in the kitchen. Nothing fancy – just repurposed an old upper cabinet. But, it’s a great place to store some of my cookbooks, spices and other random vintage decor.

5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle

I feel like our kitchen is pretty small, but like I said, no matter what size your kitchen is there’s never enough room. And, if you’re like me, you can never have too many kitchen goods… especially now that Pioneer Woman has a new line dishes now at Walmart!! #dreamy … I know what’s going on my Christmas list this year!

So, I want to know what creative ways do you store things in your kitchen – comment with your examples or ideas below! I can’t wait!


Kristy Robb



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5 Clever Farmhouse Kitchen Storage Ideas by Robb Restyle


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  1. 1

    I love your new kitchen, it’s absolutely beautiful. You are one clever niece!!!! I especially love the baking pans/sheets in the box, I have mine all stuffed in a cupboard and I still utter many a curse word whenever I need one. Very smart of you to find all these cute ways to store things.

    • 2

      Aw thanks! Glad to know You feel my pain with baking sheets! Ha ha!! Now if I could just find an easy way to clean all this stuff, I’d be golden!

  2. 3

    Oh my gosh – this is your kitchen?!!! I am in love with it! You knocked it out of the park with this room. No joke, it should be in HGTV magazine. Miss your face – next summer can’t get here soon enough!

  3. 5

    Kristy, I don’t know where to look first or love most. I’m so smitten with this entire post! Old crates steal my heart anyway, but I just love how you’ve sprinkled them in your lovely home. This room has so many cool features I can barely stand without jumping out of my seat to implement!

    Totally featuring you on Party Junk this weekend. 🙂

  4. 9

    Those ideas are great way to save some space in the kitchen. There is never enough space for everything and I feel all the things are not in order. I definitely need to do something to change my kitchen and to expand the storage space!

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