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Another Happy Door Makeover with Front Door Paint

This is the story of a door. To most it looks like just any old door on the west side of our house – a door that you might not even know existed if you were visiting our house. It’s a small door. It’s an old door. But recently we learned it is also a door with a rich past.

That’s when we decided this door deserved a makeover. And for that, we sought help from Modern Masters and their Front Door Paint collection. 


Seemingly there is nothing special about this door. In fact it is a pretty boring view of our house. It is a quaint little entrance along a narrow sidewalk path. The door opens into a landing with a staircase that leads into our kitchen and another into our basement.

I’m guessing the door came with the house, circa 1914.


The Story of the Door

Recently Corey was outside doing yard work in the front of our house when three ladies stepped out of a vehicle and introduced themselves as the great-granddaughters of the original homeowners. No way! They were sisters who also lived in the house during their youth and wanted to look around.

We were thrilled! What a neat way to learn the history of this home we love so dearly. They promised to share any old photos they could dig up of the house and gave us a little insight into the home their great grandparents built when they were ready to move into town for more convenience.

They also told us that our little side door was well known among travelers who rode into town on the railroad. Also known as hobos back then, travelers who knocked on this little door would be greeted with a warm meal and the opportunity to freshen up.

I like to imagine the kindness and generosity of their great grandmother spread to other wanderers passing through during those early years. Consequently, this little door has new meaning to us and a special place in our home’s history.

The Makeover

A door this special deserved a makeover and a much needed coat of paint. We used the color Happy from the Front Door Paint Collection to transform this door from dull and boring to the centerpiece on this side of our house.


** Sponsored Post: Modern Masters provided me with the paint but all opinions expressed here are solely my own. **


As you know, I was introduced to this company last summer and I LOVE their FRONT DOOR paint! Read here about how I transformed my front door and have even inspired a few homeowners around town to do the same.


The Front Door paint from Modern Masters is easy to use and comes in a variety of fantastic and vibrant colors. It covers well and dries fast. You can find this paint at selected Lowe’s and local retailers as well as online via Amazon, HomeDepot.com or the Modern Masters online shop.

In between coats I found some scrap fabric and sewed a little valance. We decided to remove the old storm door for now and replace it later this summer with a more modern version. Because of its unique size, we’ll have to special order something. We purchased this barn light at the local thrift store (new in box) for a $1 and replaced our old rusty light.


I am so HAPPY with this door makeover! This may not be a front door, but this paint has proven to be the right fit on any door in my house!  Confession: I am secretly taking the long way home, just so I can drive by this side of my house.


front door paint happy yellow


What better way to accessorize a basement door than with a big ol’ jar of kosher dill pickles? Am I right?!?


If you like my little flower, you can find more in our Etsy shop!




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Maybe yellow isn’t for you… no worries!
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Cheers and I can’t wait to see your favorite colors!

Kristy Robb



yellow door paint

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  1. 1

    this door makes me HAPPY too!! I love the brightness of the yellow and the dill pickle jar

  2. 5

    I’m thinking of putting sophisticated on the door at our rental house and we have happy to put on our door here at home. I’m excited, I think today is the perfect rainy day to actually get the front door painted.

  3. 8

    Hi!! That yellow is so pretty! I think the Grounded color would be a great neutral for our front door until we can change our faded beige siding. It would let me bring in some fun colored accessories. I’d love to paint our front door!

  4. 10

    Love it!! Great post. And where did you get the potted fig leaf ficus?? I want one!!!

    • 11

      Thanks! My mom and I have been on the hunt for a fiddle leaf fig and I finally found one at Rubia Flowers in West Lafayette so see if your local florist can order for you!

  5. 12

    Oh my! Love, love, love!! Now I will have to do stalker drive-bys to check out your side door too!
    It’s the summer of projects at our house…thank you for some serious inspiration for the front door! Yay!!

  6. 14

    I live in Lafayette and love following you on fb, Instagram and your blog! I love this happy, bright colorful door and would be so excited to win some paint!

  7. 16

    Love the bright pop of sunniness! Have been planning to paint my front and back door for years, maybe this could finally give me the push I need! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  8. 18

    I love any brightly colored door! That yellow is fantastic. We have a stone home, so I’d probably go with a cheerful red or turquoise for us.

  9. 22

    Love seeing photos and reading the story…we have a Four Square style house and have a side door which leads down to basement and up to kitchen!!! I’m inspired to paint our door also…we added a small deck from that door about 17 years ago but otherwise looks like yours! Thanks for sharing…the Hobo story is so cool!
    Hope yall will be back at Hob Nob in the fall!

  10. 26

    We are beyond ‘Happy’ with how great your doors look with our Front Door Paint! Thank you for showing the fab transformation and sharing the history of your home, too!

  11. 28

    I LOVE THIS!! Girl! Looks so good. And how awesome to get to hear the history of your home? I would love that!!! Keeping my fingers crossed i get a cool experience like that some day. 🙂

  12. 30

    I love your door, your home and this story!!!! My husband actually told me for mothers day he would paint our door because I have been dying to do it for so long…what a great gift…unfortunately I wasn’t sure what color or what type of paint, was kinda scared to male the wron choice….tada….enter Robbrestyle!!! Thanks for the wonderful information…and we think “confident” is our color….and how we feel about painting our door now and adding beautiful personal touches to our home. Thanks!!!

  13. 32

    this does NOT surprise me…. that you would make such a beautiful space! i LOVE the color and the pom pom trim ROCKS!!!!

  14. 34

    Ooh! We have a craftsman style door that the neighbors often ask where we got it. It could definitely use a lovely gray (or… black?) makeover!

  15. 36

    I think my house could stand to be a little more “Sophisticated!” 🙂

  16. 38

    I have recently become a convert to the bright, cheery colors for the front door! I love this bright yellow but I would love a fun green, like “Fortunate.” The name even sounds perfect! 🙂

  17. 41

    I love blue doors! Love the matching doormat and especially the pickle jar!

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